Top End © Handcycles are used around the world for recreation and competition.  The Top End© range of Handcycles includes products for the beginner to the highly competitive athlete.

The Top End Excelerator and Lil Excelerator have an upright design making them the easiest to transfer and enjoy the freedom of cycling.

The Top End Force 3 is a great product to get you out on the road or the trail to ride.  Larger tires and simple gearing make this a great recreational handcycle.

The Top End Force G and Top End Force RX are designed to get you the speed you need.  These handcycles are made from 7000 series aluminum making them light and fast.  These are custom built handcycles for your specifications and style. 

Top End handcycles are all made in the USA at Top Ends manufacturing facility and have a production time of 60 days or less. 

Use this helpful information to choose which handcycle is best for you!